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COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s health. For those who suffered from it to those who have been lucky to avoid it, the sedentary life-style forced on us by lock downs has impacted our mental and physical health. We all need to refocus on health: a health check, a good dose of fresh air and time to clear our minds.

The Grand Hotel & Kurhaus offers, alongside one of Switzlerlands’ prominent clinics, Centre de Médecine Préventive and Intégrative has developed a comprehensive programme to assist you to get stronger.

Getting Stronger in Arolla

The Grand Hotel & Kurhaus, a Swiss historical hotel at 2,100 meter altitude was built in 1896 in large part to cater to the travellers who wished to undertake their annual “Cure” – breathing and exercising in fresh air to regenerate their health.
Fresh air and exercise has been shown to improve digestion,, improve blood pressure and heart rate, and strengthen the immune system.
Come and let yourself be carried away by the history, the surrounding mountains and magical ancestral forest.


In close collaboration with the Centre de Médecine Préventive & Intégrative (CMPI) in Geneva, we will work with you to improve your Health Capital.

After a complete check-up of your body and your metabolism, carried out by a team of professionals within the clinic, come and take care of yourself during a week at the Grand Hotel & Kurhaus.



In continuity with your health assessment and the recommendations made by medical experts, the Grand Hotel & Kurhaus  offers a program to help you meet your goals with expeditions, yoga and massages.

In these mountains, exercise is not a burden – its an adventure!


Start your day facing the magnificent mountains.

Enjoy a breakfast adapted to your diet

Enjoy nature.

Refocus on your inner well-being during a yoga session, connecting with the surrounding nature.

Enjoy a picnic lunch tailored to your needs on a hike to the glaciers.

Discover the flora and fauna around you.

Find your inner peace before letting go during a massage.

Dine by the fireplace

Relax in the arms of Morpheus for a sweet night.


Just like your check-up, our services are performed by professionals who are passionate about their work.

Breathe in deeply, breathe out peacefully.

Environnement préservé

Just Relax

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