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From Namibia to Arolla

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Discover your host and director, Steven, Jacob, who answered the questions of Noémie Fournier for the Nouvelliste last week.

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Our efforts rewarded by EHL

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The Grand Hôtel & Kurhaus is the first hotel in the world to receive the Safety & Hygiene Protocol certificate from the EHL Advisory Services. Answering the need or reassurance of our guests, we are the first hotel to adopt this protocol to guarantee your safety during your stay in Arolla. The whole team of […]

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Supporting the Patrouille des Glaciers 2022

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The first Patrouille des Glaciers ski race took place in 1943, and since then it’s steadily grown into a major event and a key highlight on the calendar of locals and visitors to Arolla. This of course includes the Grand Hôtel & Kurhaus, which has been supporting the race and its participants since the event’s […]

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Meet Steven – Innkeeper and thrill-seeker with the keys to the Kurhaus

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If you’ve visited the Grand Hôtel & Kurhaus, chances are you’ve seen Steven. Since Arriving in Arolla in the spring, the hotel’s General Manager has been taking time to meet with guests, find out about the hotel’s past, and explore the mountains and valleys. “I want to absorb the history of this place,” he said. […]

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